Energy Hygiene

How often do you check in with yourself? Is it often throughout the day or is it only after you’ve started to feel like you’re about to lose your mind and crack at any minute? For so long, I was the latter. I’d go throughout my day in a state of outward inspection, always focused on what was going on around me rather than what was going on within me.

I knew most days I woke up in a state of anxiety filled with upset stomachs and dread to go into work. I also knew that by lunch I felt like if I didn’t leave whatever it was I was doing in the environment I was doing it in I was just going to burst! And I also knew that by evening time after I got off work, I had so much pent up energy I needed intense physical activity or I was just going to just scream! I can’t forget that most nights even after that I still craved a glass of wine with dinner to take the edge off so I could be a nice person to be around. Life, when I looked at it on paper all made sense... I had a great life, I thought! Yet, the time came in 2020 where I had no choice but to go within, to really spend time with myself without all the outward distraction. What I started realizing about myself changed my life forever. It will never be the same, and I am forever grateful!

Immediately after being home on quarantine, I started realizing that my upset stomachs went away, my anxiety started to wane, and I stopped craving wine. I started laughing more. I started to be a more fun and nice person to be around. I started to like being around myself again. Ultimately, I remembered who I was without everyone else’s energy swirling around and within me, distracting me from my own truth. This didn’t come without a considerable amount of upheaval though. As I was forced to spend more time with just myself, I had to actually feel why the anxiety was there and come to some new truths about what it actually meant to have a “great life”. As my internal state changed, my outward state of experience started to change too. Things in my life started to change more and more. Sometimes it was hard to let go, and I would have to grieve for an old way of being. Other times, all I could say was good riddance as I laughed it away!

Now, I don’t wait to check in with myself only when I feel like I’m going to pop! I take moments throughout each day to touch base with my home, to remember who I am, and to re-emerge from those moments as a better, more centered, more aligned version of myself. My goal is to be in constant union with my Highest Self, to always be so in touch with my true self that I do not betray my core by allowing myself to align with anyone’s truth or energy other than my own. You may have heard this being called “fully embodied”. It means to be a soul, remembering that it is in a body rather than being so focused on just being a limited body that we forget who we really are which is a divine, limitless soul with a divine mission for growth.

We are each here to remember our own truth beyond all the social programming, beyond the general acceptance of what is appropriate and what’s not, and to discover what a “great life” means to us, as souls. We are each here to live life as our Highest Selves, but this takes the inner courage to go within, to face your hard truths, and what they may mean you have to change in your life. For many, this is scary. They know that if they go within, they may actually have to change their job, their relationship, or let go of a way of being that is detrimental to their ego and pride. That’s why we run away from it. That’s why we sometimes choose the pain of numbing out. Maybe that’s through walling off our hearts, becoming cold to our true emotions thinking they make us weak or simply not accepting that our feelings are valid. Maybe it’s by using foods and substances like sugar, alcohol, Rx anxiety/depression meds, caffeine, or junk food. Perhaps it’s by busying ourselves with everyone else’s issues other than our own. We may pour ourselves into serving roles, focusing on family, our community, or workplace, thinking that we’re doing good because we’re always serving others. In reality, we’re only running away from ourselves by placing all of our focus on others, putting ourselves last. It’s just another coping mechanism disguised in sheep’s clothing.

That’s why now, I take moments throughout each day to get back in touch with myself. I don’t wait until I get a moment to go for a walk or go to the gym to clear my head. I simply take a breather in between each new conversation or task. I may use the restroom with its literal meaning, a room in which to rest. During these breathers and moments of rest, I take a moment to say a few simple statements to myself. I release, call-in, and connect. I release any energy that is not of my own or not of the Highest Good. I call myself back home to myself, and I call in all energy of the Highest Good. I connect with my body, my guides, and my Highest Self. This is energy hygiene. When I say these statements to myself, I feel a literal shift in my way of thinking and my emotional state. I gain more peace, a more joyful outlook, and I remember my inner truth. As I do this, I’m then able to lead into whatever it is I choose to do next with more intention, more in alignment with what a “great life” means to me as I pay attention to that quiet, inner voice full of eternal wisdom.

Energy hygiene allows us to check in with ourselves quickly and easily throughout the day. It takes just a few breaths with the intention to re-center ourselves by using some simple statements known as mantras that we repeat a couple times each to get us there. It’s what you could call “micro meditation”, a microdose of meditation. When we microdose throughout the day, it all adds up to a much more considerable dose, and it’s done easily in bite size moments rather than in one huge dose that can sometimes seem intimidating, uncomfortable, or just simply not doable due to time constraints.

So each time you use the restroom or each time you’re about to go into a new task, allow yourself to slow down, let yourself catch your breath, and then validate how you really feel with energy hygiene. Then, allow yourself to make the best decision for yourself to back up your inner truth. Don’t ignore when your body is telling you no! You may feel this as your body stiffening up, not wanting to move, wanting to numb out to whatever it is you’re asking it to do. You may feel it as anxiety, a tightening of the throat, or an uncomfortable feeling in your gut. If you close your eyes to really go within, you may even see a certain color, feel tingles or a temperature change in a certain part of your body, or a particular body part may want to reflex as a response. It’s important to know how our bodies communicate with us, and everyone’s body is different. So we have to have enough clarity of self, enough awareness of our internal landscape, and a willingness to validate our truth, all of our feelings, without judgement for us to be able to really know what our body’s language is.

We do this so we can find what our soul, using our body as an indicator, determines is a “yes!” response. We do this so we can act on the things that will create a meaningful and great life for ourselves with all things in alignment with our inner truth. You may understand your “yes” response in your body as a slight pulse of energy forwards and up, excitement running through your body. Perhaps as an open expansion within your body that feels at ease. Maybe things start to look brighter or a part or your whole body reflexes, maybe like it’s moving forward. There is no wrong way for your body to speak to you. Again, it’s all about learning your own language, spending enough time with yourself to really get to know yourself, and validating all of your feelings. The ones that make you feel hopeful and loving just as much as the ones that make you feel fearful, shameful, angry, or prideful. When we start validating how we feel, our bodies start to feel like a safe place to be again. They no longer feel betrayed or threatened, constantly performing things that actually make your soul feel a big, fat “no”. Our true selves start to emerge, feeling safe, relaxed, at ease, and more joyful. Our lives start to reflect our “yes” responses, and before you know it, your life starts to feel like you’re living one big YES! Everything will remind you how grateful you are for your life because you will actually love everything in your life as everything in your life came from an initial, internal “yes” response from your soul!

So, take the time to check in with yourself throughout the day. Microdose your meditation. Do energy hygiene. Release, call-in, and connect. Re-emerge as a more fully embodied soul, in alignment with your Highest Self. Create a life that makes you say “yes”!

For a deeper dive and an extended experience to be guided through your soul’s internal landscape, come see me for Reiki + crystal therapy. Experience what it’s like to have a drug-free spiritl journey and remember who you really are!

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