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Energy Hygiene

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Energy Hygiene is one of my favorite tools for self-care! It’s a simple act of nourishment we can take for ourselves any time of any day. While we often place such an emphasis on physical hygiene in our society, our mental, emotional, and spiritual hygiene sometimes gets left by the wayside. Yet, Energy Hygiene is just as important as washing our hands!

In fact, I suggest layering Energy Hygiene into our already existing schedules by combining it at the same time we go to the restroom throughout the day to take care of our physical hygiene. Think about the word “restroom”... it’s a room in which we can rest! It’s typically the place where people are not trying to touch you or talk to you, and it’s your built in sacred space of the day! It’s the perfect opportunity to take a moment for yourself to reset not only your physical but also your energetic body. So, let’s dive into Energy Hygiene and I’ll then explain a little more about it and how you can use it to help you recenter yourself throughout the day.

It’s comprised of just three mantras, phrases, that we can use to reset our energy:

Release, Call-in, and Connect

The first statement is: “I release any energy that is not of my own or not of the Highest Good.” You can continue to repeat that entire statement a few times or simplify it down to the mantra “I release”. Imagine that you are a glass of water, but that glass of water has had stones and dirt that have accumulated over time within it. This statement is about tossing out those stones and filtering out the mud so you can become a clear glass of water. Continue with the mantra until you feel clearer, unburdened by others’ energy, and more in tune with yourself.

The next statement is: “I call myself back home to myself, and I call in all energy of the Highest Good.” You can use the full statement or the mantra “I call-in”. Now, imagine you’re that glass of water again, but since the stones and dirt have been removed, the water level has gone down. So this statement is here to fill up your cup and to help you become an overflowing, tall glass of clear water! You’re calling back in your power, your light, and any energy you’ve given away or let be taken away whether it was conscious or unconscious, You’re calling all of that back in and more! Continue with your mantra until you feel settled and full.

Finally, you come to the statement: “I connect with my body, my guides, and my Highest Self.” The shortened mantra here is “I connect”. This returns us back to our most natural state of energy, and to that small, yet powerful, voice within us that is always there to guide us along our journey with unconditional love that we’re sometimes a bit too distracted or disconnected from really paying attention to. Now, with this full glass of clear water, it’s as if a light turns on from within, shining out in all directions, making it easier to be guided by your inner light and guide. Continue with your mantra until you feel a deep state of peace, clear and gentle thoughts, and a sense of Love present and at the forefront to guide you.

- - -

And it’s that simple! Those three statements of “I release… I call-in… and I connect…” are all you need to transport yourself to a new frame of mind where you are more centered, more calm, and more in control from a place of love. From here, you can really listen to yourself, remember your truth, and take action based on your inner guidance. It’s an easy way to micro-dose your meditation throughout the day whether you’re in a room full of people, while driving, after you get off social media, when you notice your mind running amok, or when using the restroom throughout the day.

In Reiki sessions and workshops, I then build off of this practice to teach you how to listen to your body and inner guidance even further by getting to know your body’s language. We tap deep into your inner knowing to understand what a Yes and No feel like in your body. This is an important tool and skill because really, all the answers are within us! We can turn to others all day long to ask their opinions and truths, but at the end of the day, all that really matters is your own inner truth even if it’s different than others. We’ve often just forgotten how to listen to or trust our inner guidance, and I’m here to help you remember!

I hope Energy Hygiene is just as much a helpful tool for you as it has been for me! If you’re ready to dive deeper, click here to book your personal Reiki session or to sign up for a workshop with me. Much love!

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