What is Reiki?

     Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. It promotes healing by switching our body from a fight or flight mode to a rest and digest mode. Reiki translates as "spiritually guided life force energy" or what we may understand as the "Holy Spirit" through a Christian lens. However, Reiki is not tied to any religion, only that of pure, unconditional love.​ So, Reiki is appropriate for those of all faiths and religions. Overall, Reiki is a very relaxing experience. Many people report feeling a calming and loving sense of security and well-being surrounding and flowing through them.

       Reiki uses a light hands-on technique over one's clothes to increase the proper alignment and flow of one's energy. Many things can influence energy disruptions or distortions from physical injuries to even negative thoughts and emotions. If the energy becomes chronically distorted, physical manifestations of dis-ease can even occur. Since Reiki works to realign energy distortions, it can act as a preventative therapy as well as one to treat current issues.

Benefits of Reiki:

  • Relieves stress, pain, anxiety, and depression

  • Assists body in its innate ability to heal itself

  • Induces relaxation - switches body from fight and flight mode to rest and digest mode

    • Reduces blood pressure, respiration rate, and heart rate

  • Truly holistic - treats physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies

  • Helps release emotional and mental blockages

  • Fosters self-awareness and insight

  • Strengthens your own intuition so you become more empowered and confident moving forward in life

  • Complements any traditional medical therapy - in fact, Reiki is performed in many hospitals across the states

  • Increases blood flow and circulation

  • Strengthens immune system

​     Reiki works with our "ki", universal life force energy. Ki is the same as "chi" or "qi" in Traditional Chinese Medicine, "prana" in Ayurvedic medicine and yoga, and as "biofield energy" in scientific communities.


     Much like our circulatory system, Ki travels throughout our body through a series of "veins and arteries" called meridians, and through different "organs" called chakras. When blockages occur, energy flows less freely leading to various health concerns. By freeing blockages and balancing our energy flow, we may become more in alignment with our highest selves leading to more joy, peace and love.

There are 7 primary energy centers in the body called chakras. During a Reiki session, I work with each energy center as well as other areas of the body that need treatment. Below is a brief overview of each chakra including its associated color, location, purpose, emotional component, and physical associations:

Crown: Violet. Top of head. Connection to the Divine, inspiration. Attachment. Pineal gland, brain, nervous system.

Third eye: Indigo. Forehead between eyes. Intuition, big-picture understanding. Illusion. Pituitary gland, eyes, ears, nose, sinuses, nervous system.

Throat: Blue. Throat. Self expression, communication. Lies. Thyroid, neck, arms, upper lungs, mouth, jaw.

Heart: Green. Center of chest. Love, self-acceptance. Grief. Thymus, heart, upper back, lower lungs.

Solar Plexus: Yellow. Upper abdomen. Self-worth, wisdom/gut-instinct. Shame. Pancreas, adrenals, liver, digestive system, lower back, autonomic nervous system.

Sacral: Orange. Lower abdomen. Pleasure, creativity, sexuality. Guilt. Reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder.

Root: Red. Base of spine. Sense of belonging, feeling grounded, survival instincts. Fear. Adrenals, spinal column, legs, feet, bones/teeth, large intestines, colon.

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