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I offer Reiki for All!

All genders/sexual orientations, all faiths and belief systems, and all types of bodies regardless of our differences. I meet you where you are with unconditional love.


Let go of stress, limitations, and separation from Self.
Receive love, peace, and remembrance of your connection to All.

To see a session in action, please visit the home page to watch a 2 minute long video interview with Fox news.

Session Types:

The Cleanse + Balance + Recharge:

Like an energetic massage meant to pamper and restore your mind, body, and spirit.


In addition to Reiki, this session may also include crystal and sound therapy, oracle cards, and gentle somatic movement. Each session is curated to maximize relaxation while offering intuitive insights as guided.

Recommended for those in search of deep restoration and a more traditional approach to Reiki.

Appropriate for ages 12+

Available as both in-person and remote sessions.

Session length: 1hour

Investment: $105 (sliding scale = $60 - $105)

The Deep Dive:

Providing a unique healing experience that takes a more therapeutic approach

to traditional Reiki by taking a conscious examination into the root of what's keeping you stuck, stagnant, and from living the life of your dreams. 

In addition to all of the elements that the Cleanse + Balance + Recharge session offers, this session may also include Integral Eye Movement Therapy/IEMT, breathwork, learning your body's language of a Yes and No, as well as learning energy hygiene + protection techniques.

Recommended for those who love the relaxing nature of Reiki and who are ready for a more conscious deep dive on their healing journey.

Session length: 1.5 or 2 hours


1.5hr = $160 (sliding scale = $90 - $160)

2hr = $205 (sliding scale = $120 - $205)

Investment information:

I meet you where you are in life, and offer sliding scale payment options for everyone. I never want anyone to feel as though they cannot afford the care they desire due to finances. No need to ask permission to use the sliding scale. Simply book your session, and let me know at your session or with a note when you book that you will be using the sliding scale. You choose what fits your budget!

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