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Let go of stress, limitations, and separation from Self.
Receive love, joy, and remembrance of your connection to All.

Each session is curated to maximize relaxation and expansion of consciousness all while treating you as the holistic being you are: mind, heart, body, and spirit.

- - -
I offer Reiki for All!
All ages, all genders/sexual orientations, all faiths and belief systems, and all types of bodies regardless of our differences. I meet you where you are with unconditional love.

I teach you how to come back home to yourself and to lead life with your intuition so your life can feel like one big "Yes"! We explore areas of limitations and "No's" within your body and life, and discover solutions guided by Spirit so you can feel more at ease with each aspect of your existence. Ultimately, I help you remember who you really are, and support you and your journey to embody that remembrance so your life can feel more meaningful, more impactful, and more aligned with your purpose here on Earth.

Wisdom techniques that may be a part of any given session:

Reiki, Integral Eye Movement Technique, learning how to take care of your own energy hygiene, reconnecting to your intuition + building trust of self, learning your body's language of Yes and No, breathwork, visualization meditations, self inquiry through conversation, crystal + sound therapy, mindfulness techniques such as mantra, joyful movement and shaking to reset the nervous system, and whatever else needs to come into your session to help you live as your most aligned self!

To see a session in action, please visit the home page to watch a 2 minute long video interview with Fox news.

Session types:

*2hr (best for new clients + returning clients seeking a deeper dive)

This offering allows us time to really connect, for me to deeply understand your needs and goals in life, and for us to go over easy to learn modalities that you can use in your every life to live in alignment with your authentic truth. New clients can expect around 45-60 minutes on the Reiki table. Returning clients can expect 90+ minutes on the table.

*1.5hr (for new + returning clients) *most popular*

This is my most popular offering for a reason. It offers enough time for self inquiry through conversation, intuition training for returning clients, and plenty of time on the table to experience Reiki. New and returning clients can expect around 60 minutes on the table.

*1hr (for returning clients only)

If you're a returning client looking for a quick pick-me-up, this is it! I try to maximize your time on the table by keeping conversation and intention setting short. If you're experiencing situations in your life in which you're feeling more stuck and looking for greater insight, I highly suggest booking a longer session so we can dive deeper through self inquiry.

*Reiki for Kids -1hr (for new + returning clients under the age of 16)

Most children experience deep rest as soon as they lie on the table, and special objects such as stuffed animals or blankets are always welcome! For those children that tend to be more active or have a more difficult time settling down, I highly suggest bringing in their favorite toys and books so that we can use them for entertainment and realignment through play. Parents and guardians are always welcome to stay in the room and even take pictures!

- - -
Telehealth sessions offered as well! Reiki is just as effective in-person as it is from a distance. Most services can be provided to you in the comfort of your own home via Zoom or over the phone.

Investment information:

2hr session = $205 (sliding scale = $120 - $205)

1.5hr session = $160 (sliding scale = $90 - $160)

1hr session = $105 (sliding scale = $60 - $105)

I meet you where you are in life, and offer sliding scale and payment plan options for everyone. I never want anyone to feel as though they cannot afford the care they desire due to finances. Just ask, and I am happy to work with you to make sure both of our needs can be met with ease.

No need to ask permission beforehand to use the sliding scale. Simply book your session, and let me know at your session or with a note when you book that you will be using the sliding scale. You choose what fits your budget!

Telehealth/Distance Reiki

The energy of Reiki exists beyond space and time, and is just as effective from a distance as it is in person. We meet over the phone where we can discuss your intentions and cover such things as Energy Hygiene. Then, we lay the phones down so you can relax further in the comfort of your own home. We stay in communication the whole time with our phones on speaker so we can discuss what you're experiencing and dive deeper into areas of need. When the session is complete, I will gently guide you back into the here and now so we can discuss your session as a whole.

Some techniques used during in-person sessions do not translate well via telehealth such as sound or crystal therapy. However, the insights one can gain from Reiki and self inquiry alone are just as impactful as one may receive in-person! In fact, distance Reiki is so effective, that I suggest those who are skeptical of Reiki to try a distance session first as the experience can be so profound, you'll no longer be skeptical!

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