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"What a beautiful experience! This was my first reiki session, and I was blown away by every aspect of my visit. Anna absolutely radiates joyful positivity and has created such an incredible space. There's a lovely view, and I felt welcome, safe, and genuinely cared for in her studio. From the beneficial conversation and valuable skills taught to the time on the table, it was a truly restorative session. I simply cannot say enough good things about crystal + clover, and I look forward to returning as a consistent client. Thanks, Anna!" -Kristen


"Anna is a natural-born healer! It was my first reiki experience and I couldn't be more pleased. She makes you feel comfortable and heard and she guides you through the process. Healing waves ripple through your body as she's working on you - it's incredibly relaxing. It definitely was the fastest hour and a half of my life!" - Nicole

"My experience with Anna was healing both physically and emotionally. I felt affirmed, loved, and valued the moment I entered her space. Anna has a beautiful gift and is responsive to her calling. After one session, the shoulder pain I had been experiencing for months was relieved, and I felt more joy and peace than I have in some time. Highly recommend!" - Megan

"The range of sensations and emotions during my session was unbelievable. I felt parts of me unlock that had been closed off for a few years. She creates a space and experience of safety and healing. If you've been unsure about reiki, I would recommend Anna all day, every day." - Tolar

"This was my first reiki experience, and after walking into the room I felt immediately at ease -- it is a calming and beautifully decorated healing environment. The following experience was so nourishing and energizing, and after the session ended, I felt so much lighter and face was glowing! Those energy blockages and anxieties were gone. Instead, I found a higher sense of intuition and peace. Anna is a natural intuitive healer, and she clearly loves helping others heal. I am so grateful for healing spaces like these in our city." - Sonna

"My first session with Anna was so awesome! She tapped into my my energy and allowed me to feel rejuvenated and with a brand new perspective. She spent time with what needed work and she was conscious of the energy and areas that needed continued work. It seemed so effortless on her part, relaxing and stress free. I appreciated her non judgmental approach and calmness of the entire experience. Her recommendations and follow up really guided and motivated me to continue to heal. Thank you Anna, you are right where you need to be! I will absolutely be coming back for continued sessions with you." - Katie

"I just had my first virtual session with Anna Tingen Lewis and it will not be the last! This healing time was just what this mama needed! During the session, Anna guided me through amazing breath work, energy healing, and gave me a beautiful reading. I feel much lighter and relaxed, I was able to also dig in to some intuitive thoughts and now have the opportunity to meditate further on these and step into my higher self! Thank you Anna Tingen Lewis, very much looking forward to seeing this grow! I am hoping to refer friends locally and virtually that do not live close!" - Emily

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