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Reiki Workshops:

     One does not become a Reiki Master to master the art of Reiki.
Rather, to surrender and become mastered by Reiki itself.
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     My goal is to set you up for success whether that be for a personal or an eventual professional practice. With my workshops, I focus on creating a strong intuitive foundation based on trust of self. I believe all the answers we need to live a fulfilling and aligned life are within us, including all the answers on how to provide a healing Reiki session for others. So, I break down training allowing time for personal integration and healing, trust of self to strengthen, and really, to become a a clear channel for Spirit. For it is not us that do the healing as we are merely the physical vessels for Spirit. My goal is to help you become an empty and clear vessel willing and able to hear and act on the truth you receive for continuous self healing while being able to offer the same for others if you so choose.

     Keeping in mind that the goal is to become a clear channel for Spirit and for Reiki to master us, I do not combine Reiki level I and II together. I find that most people need more time for integration, self healing, and personal mastery to occur in their lives. I currently offer level I with an integration period lasting 4 months until one is available to train at level II. This can also be assessed on a case by case basis as some souls are ready sooner. Level I is for personal healing and for offering simple sessions for friends/family. Level II is the beginning of one's journey for professional offerings as well as to deepen into one's own personal healing journey. To sign up for level II, one must have trained with me for level I or receive prior approval from me as key elements are discussed in my level I class to set you up for success that are not typically covered in other Reiki trainings offered by others, even in the Master level.

     Level III is also known as Reiki Master training, and this will be offered later (tbd) as a 6 month integration period will be required at a minimum for those who have trained with me with level II. More information will be offered on this level of training once I have students ready to enter this stage of their personal development and healing.

     For now, please see below for the current Reiki level I workshops. Level II is in a developmental phase currently, but is set to be offered in 2023.

Current Workshops:

Reiki 101 + Intuition Training:
A foundational workshop for self-care, Reiki level I certification,
and for developing one's intuition.

What we cover and experience:

- the history and lineage of Reiki

- Reiki led healing experience

- learning intuitive Reiki basics such as Energy Hygiene, learning your body's language of Yes and No, discernment, and learning about different clair/psychic gifts

- exercise for strengthening your intuition: learn how to pull cards for yourself and others

- learn how Reiki heals

- chakras for humans and animals

- covering topics such as Love vs. Fear, the Map of Consciousness, and Spiritual Alchemy

- Reiki level I Placement/"attunement"

- how to practice Western Reiki

- the Three Pillars of Reiki and how to practice Japanese/Intuitive Reiki

- giving ourselves Reiki

- channeling Reiki for others in a hands-on experience!


Grow in self-trust, learn how to control your energy, and emerge a more aligned version of yourself! This workshop is perfect for those new to Reiki, the seasoned client, or those who have received other Reiki trainings and perhaps are a bit confused. I break everything down into a logical step-by-step method that is easy to replicate and learn. Ultimately, I teach you how to listen to yourself for within you are all the answers. I simply help you remember how to work with and listen to your inner wisdom and learn to trust it. After completing this course, you are prepared for whatever direction you decide to take in life. There will be more courses offered in the future for those who feel called to deepen their Reiki training or who wish to pursue Reiki professionally. These will be offered as Reiki level II and III. However, you may simply decide that this has given you the tools you need for an empowered self-healing journey. There is no wrong choice, and everyone's journey unfolds as it needs at different times. I personally was called to wait 8 years between my level I and II certifications while others may feel called to complete them in a shorter time period. Ultimately, this is the foundation you need for whatever path you choose.

What's Included:

Reiki manual, a book on chakras and self care,
an oracle deck, a pendulum, various handouts, and an attunement crystal

*Plus, free/donation based Reiki Shares to practice with other crystal + clover students offered almost every month*


Deposit to be paid upon booking: $125

Total investment: $375

*Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable*

*The remainder of the amount is due the week of the workshop*

*Payment plans available. Pay the deposit and then break up the rest as needed. I'm flexible and willing to work with you and your needs. More questions? Just ask!*

This is a full day workshop from 10:15am to around 7:00pm. That may seem like a long day, but don't worry because there are plenty of get-up-and-move breaks, and the day really does fly by! People often even comment on how they feel like they could go all night since they're so filled with energy from the day! You will receive a text and an email with more information on how to prepare after you book.