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About me:

     Hi, I'm Anna, a South Carolina native who loves yoga, dancing, and examining the deeper truths of our human experience. I’m a Reiki Master with over 8 years of experience in energy work. I haven’t always been a full-time energy worker though...

     My journey began as a hairstylist where I discovered my passion for natural living after dealing with chemical sensitivities from working in salons. This is when I discovered my love for herbal medicine and whole foods! In changing careers for health reasons, I majored in Religious Studies at the College of Charleston where I focused my attention on Eastern and Native American traditions, and especially on the mystical aspects within these traditions. During the time of 2012, I also became Reiki level I certified, and began incorporating crystals, the use of herbal medicine, and more into my lifestyle.

     It wasn’t until 2020 that crystal + clover was born though. For so long, I resisted the call of “healer” because I wanted a “normal” life. If 2020 has taught us anything though, it’s that there is no normal! Lol. After an overuse injury in which I was facing surgery as a dental hygienist in late 2019, the universe basically slapped me in the face, and said, “It’s time! It’s time to wake up to your true calling, and it’s time to bring it to the people!”. 

     I finally said “yes!” to my calling, sought further Reiki training in 2020, again in 2021, and am a dedicated life-long learner. I’m now here, living my true soul's purpose, bringing you the medicine I’ve been blessed with to share, and no, I never did need that surgery for the overuse injury thanks to Reiki. This is not my first life as a healer though... I’m simply remembering who I am and what I was born to do.

     I’m here to help you free yourself from what no longer serves you, rewrite your operating programs so that you are more in control of your life, and help you remember your true, authentic self. I see you, I fully accept you, and I love you!

My formal history:


  • Reiki level I - in person with Suzanne Goldston in Charleston, SC - 2012

  • Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies - College of Charleston - 2014

    • Outstanding Student Award

  • Associate in Applied Science in Dental Hygiene - Greenville Technical College/License #11400 - 2019

    • Leadership Award​

  • Reiki level I/II (Holy Fire III) - online with Hae Lee - June 2020

  • Reiki Master (Usui Shiki Ryoho Holy Fire III lineage) - online with Hae Lee - March 2021

  • Reiki Master (Holy Fire III Karuna) - in person with William Lee Rand - September 2022

  • Psychic Surgery Master Healing - in person with Gail Thackray - February 2023

What I'm looking forward to:

  • IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Technique) level I - online with Lori Donnelly - March 2023

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