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Special Events: Group rest + Reiki

Time to melt and just be... the world and our minds can feel so noisy sometimes, filled with junk that distracts us from what really matters. Our minds, hearts, and bodies crave rest, and in our society of hustle and go, most of us don't get enough opportunities to simply be a human BEing and not a human doing. These group rest + Reiki sessions are geared towards ultimate relaxation + expansion of consciousness. Ideal for those seeking deep rest and greater clarity on how to live more in alignment with their Authentic Selves.

In this group setting, we will begin by taking a few moments to turn our gaze inwards, and write down a few bullet points of what we're ready to release and call into our lives. Once intentions are set, you will simply lie back, receive energy medicine to support these internal shifts all while I guide you to deeply relax and soften so you can feel like one big melted puddle. After about an hour, I'll then gently guide your awareness back to the here and now so you can take a few moments to reflect on any insights that may have come to you and journal about how you can live life more as your Authentic Self.

All materials for journaling and floor chairs/mats will be provided. If you have a favorite journal though and want to bring it, feel free! All you really need is to wear some comfy clothes and possibly bring a refillable water bottle or favorite cozy blanket.

*Suitable for ages 15+

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